I'm Analisa: eclectic-fashion-lover and passionate skin therapist. Find Your Glow was born my desire to create a sanctuary which feels inviting to all walks of life, where the magic and beauty in all of us is brought to life and celebrated. I believe that our energy introduces us before we even speak, and that the way we present ourselves on the outside is a reflection of what's going on inside. Our unique essences are enhanced by feeling comfortable in our own skin, and dressing ourselves in a way that makes us feel good. My intention is to hold this space for individuals to blossom in a way that feels right for them.


Find Your Glow





Destiny V.
Kylie R.

I always feel so empowered, balanced, and confident leaving Analisa. I just got a peel done and I’m super excited to see the results and go back to continue my treatments.

Angelina O.

Analisa is so talented in what she does! I always look forward to my facials with her, it is literally the most relaxing experience every time! Not only is her aura genuine and kind, but she has clearly done research in her field and is constantly looking for ways to make her clients feel beautiful and taken care of. She gives amazing advice without pressuring you and encourages healthy (realistic) changes to your skin regimen. Analisa is the absolute sweetest and I would suggest to anyone and everyone to trust her to take care of your skin needs! Not to mention her shop is SO CUTE! Even if you aren't interested in her services you should check out her amazing clothing and accessories <3

Tesa G.

My absolute skin saver!! She knows how to assess and customize the best (and most relaxing) facial for your current skin needs and goals. I cannot recommend and thank her enough!

Marci H.

Analisa is simply the best. She has such an authentic passion for skincare, holistic values, and making people look and feel beautiful which shines through in her work and the experience she curates for every client. My facial did not stop at the relaxing treatment but left me feeling so confident and glowy, can't wait to come back next time

Analisa has curated a personalized experience from the moment you arrive to the time you leave, and it is so apparent in the small details of her craft. The atmosphere as soon as you walk in the door instantly comforts you and puts your mind at ease. She was so patient, and kind when listening to my skin care concerns. I will be visiting over the next few months, for a series of peels/microneedling. The treatment itself was so relaxing, soothing and peaceful.. Analisa is so genuine, and authentic, you know you can trust her completely to take care of you as you embark on your skin care journey. I am so excited to have her as my skin care guru, and can't wait to continue seeing the results of her knowledge and magic. 1000% would recommend her to any and everyone I know!

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802 e 29th Ave Suite 1 Studio 2 Spokane, WA 99203